Identifying the Seven Heads of Revelation's Beast

Beast's Status Head Status of Head Leading World Power Official Religion Alternate Symbol
"was" 1 "fallen" Babylon Paganism "Dragon"
2 "fallen" Medo-Persia
3 "fallen" Greece
4 "fallen" Imperial Rome
5 "fallen" Medieval Rome Catholicism "Beast"
"is not" 6 "is" United States none lkjl
"shall ascend" 7 "not yet come" Post-Constitutional America Evangelicalism "False Prophet"

Here are the major nations featured in the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.

At the time described in the prophecy, the beast "is not" (Revelation 17:8), so we are chronologically referencing the description to the period after the papacy receives its deadly wound. The head that "is" at that time is the United States before it repudiates its constitutional separation of church and state.

This gives us two phases of Rome (imperial and medieval) and two phases of the United States (lamb phase and dragon phase). The United States has no officially enforced religion during its lamb phase, so the whore-carrying beast "is not" during that time.

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