"The Goths carried back these Christian captives [from Asia Minor] into Dacia, where they were settled, and where considerable numbers embraced Christianity through their instrumentality. Ulfilas was the child of one of these Christian captives, and was trained in Christian principles." Smith and Wace, A Dictionary of Christian Biography, art. "Ulfilas"

"There is no reason to doubt that Ulfilas was perfectly honest in the theological position he occupied. As an earnest missionary, more concerned with practical evangelistic work than with theological controversy, he may have been thankful for a simple form of Christianity that he could make intelligible to his rough fellow contrymen more easily than one which was involved in subtle Greek metaphysics." W. F. Adeney, The Greek and Eastern Churches, pages 305, 306.

The form of Christianity held by the "Arian" kingdoms

Ulfilas taught simple Christianity to the Goths

Teutonic kingdoms were converts to Christianity as taught by Ulfilas

The character of the invaders of the Roman Empire