Jesus, the First Evangelist

The word "gospel" appears five times in the book of Matthew. The first three times, it is Jesus who preaches the gospel (4:23; 9:35; 11:5). In the remaining two (24:14; 26:13) Jesus says, "This" gospel shall be preached in all the world -- the same message that He Himself first gave.

Mark uses the word six times. The translation "Jesus Christ's gospel" in Mark 1:1 is supported by the other references in the same chapter (1:14, 15) in which Jesus Himself is the evangelist. The remaining three references (13:10; 14:9; 16:15) mention our responsibility to preach "the" or "this" same gospel.

Luke uses the word "gospel" only four times. The first reference (4:18) informs us that Jesus was anointed to preach the gospel. That was His mission. That is why He is called "Christ" (Anointed One). Luke 7:22 again refers to Jesus preaching the gospel. In Luke 9:6 He sends out the twelve with the same mission. And in Luke 20:1 Jesus is preaching the gospel.